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The mission of the TPS program is to recruit students and foster their education in the field of plant sciences in order to prepare them for interdisciplinary positions related to plant research, biotechnology, and agriculture.

 The Translational Plant Sciences (TPS) program is both a graduate student recruitment program and a group of laboratories with broad research topics revolving around attaining of basic knowledge in the plant sciences and translation of this knowledge to improve crop production. The TPS program is funded by the Virginia Tech Graduate School (Interdisciplinary Graduate Education Program - IGEP program), the Fralin Life Science Institute, and individual departments.

Two bodies ensure the functioning of TPS: the TPS Executive Committee (TPS EC), composed of faculty, and the TPS Graduate Student Organization (TPS GSO) composed of graduate students. Frequent communication and interaction between the TPS EC and the TPS GSO ensures smooth communication between students and faculty and to address the needs of both groups.

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