Jacob Barney

Associate Professor

School of Plant and Environmental Sciences

Dr. Jacob Barney's research interests are focused on identifying and evaluating the factors that interact along the invasion pathway that begins as a benign introduction and results in a widespread harmful invasion. By parsing this complex process into the contributing factors of 1) species characteristics, 2) receiving habitat dynamics, 3) source environment conditions, 4) propagule pressure, and 5) time since introduction, they are better able to understand existing invasions by empirically evaluating the components singly or in interaction.

His lab group works in a variety of natural and managed ecosystems across the Southeastern US, and have projects on both emerging and longstanding invaders. 

Research Interests

Propagule biology and dispersal, population dynamics, allelopathy, ecological impact quantification, risk assessment, and simulation modeling.

Jacob Barney

(540) 231-6323


103 Old Glade Road Research Center 
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Blacksburg, VA 24061