Mark Williams

Associate Professor

School of Plant and Environmental Sciences

Dr. Williams's research is focused on understanding how microbial communities assemble and function in ecosystems, soil, the root-zone, and other numerous habitats found in nature (e.g. honeybee gut). His studies reflect on the mutualistic nature of plant-microbial feedbacks that are a major driver of ecosystems and the global biosphere. 

Using next-gen sequencing, LC and GC- mass spectrometry, and tried and true plant, microbial, and soil techniques his lab answers questions about the distribution and function of microbial communities from the scale of the root-zone to the biogeochemical cycles of earth. The lab studies native, remnant and human-managed ecosystems.

Research Interests

Microbial ecology, plant growth promotion, Rhizobium spp., mycorrhizae, land management, natural ecosystems

  • 540-231-2547
  • 301 Latham Hall

    220 Ag Quad Ln.

    Blacksburg, VA 24061