Poster Session

Name | Department (Advisor)  | Title  [Location]

Barton, Elizabeth  |  SPES (Wang)  |  Possible Roles of Plant Cornichon Proteins in Brom Mosaic Virus Replication   [4B]

Bernal-Galeano, Vivian  |  SPES (Westwood)  |  Evaluating the Translation of Dodder's Exchanged mRNA Once They Have Reached the Host Tissues  [1A]

Compton, Karl  |  BIOL (Scharf)  |  Are Flavonoids Universal Attractants for S. Meliloti?  [6A]

Cridland, Caitlin  | BCHM (Gillaspy)  |  Inositol Pyrophosphates and the Cross Talk Between Lipids and Phosphate Sensing  [10A]

Cui, Chenming  |  SPES  (Haak)  |  No Information Available [14B]

DeMers, Lindsay  |  SPES (Maroof)  |  Regulatory Network Interference of Rsv3-mediated Resistance Against Soybean Mosaic Virus   [7B]

Dickinson, Cody  |  SPES (Barney/Jelesko)  |  Establishment of Poison Ivy  [6B]

Freed, Catherine  |  BCHM (Gillaspy)  |  Overexpression of an Artificial Phosphatase in Arabidopsis thaliana as a Tool for Studying the Role of Inositol [10B]

He, Guijuan  |  SPES (Wang)  |  No Information Available  [12A]

Heminger, Ariel  |   SPES (Haak)  |  Microbiome Mediated Plant-Pollinator Interactions  [7A]

Herlihy, John  |  SPES (McDowell)  |  Phytophthora Nicotianae as a Model for Understanding Oomycete Nutrient Acquisition [3B]

Kiremit, Merv  |  SPES (Zhao)  |  Green Tea Extract as a Seed Treatment for Bacterial Fruit Blotch Disease of Cucurbits [3A]

Li, Qi  |  SPES (Zhao)  | No Information Available [12B]

Lord, Nick  |  SPES (Zhang)  |  Development of Near-Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy Calibration Model for Rapid Determination of Sucrose Content in Soybean Seed  [4A]

Lott, Nye  |  SPES (Jelesko)  |  Development of Transgenic Poison Ivy Hairy Root Cultures: A Platform for Genome Editing  Studies [11A]

Mahendra, Ayeshan  |  BIOL (Brunner)  |  No Information Available  [13A]

Mechan Llontop, Marco E   |   SPES (Vinatzer)   |   The Rain Microbiome: A Source of the Plant Leaf Microbiome?  [8A]

Muchlinski, Andrew  |  BIOL (Tholl)  |   Formation and Function of Volatile Terpene Metabolites in Model Grasses [1B]

Park, Soyon  |  SPES (Westwood)  |  Is Ethylene a Key for Host Defense Response to Parasitic Plants  [9B]

Sathanantham, Preethi  |   SPES (Wang)  |  Structure-function Analysis of Brome Mosaic Virus Replication Protein 1A [8B]

Sharf, Hazem  |  GBCB (Williams)  |  No Information Available [13B]

Sharma, Gourav  |  SPES (Barney)  |  Role of Epigenetic Modifications in the Weed Evolution [11B]

Shelley, Brett  |  SPES (Pilot)  |  Re-Characterization of the Amino Acide Permease I from Arabidopsis: A New Role in Amino [5B]

Smith, Chastyn  |  BIOL (Stevens)  |  Investigating the Role of a Hypothetical Protein in the Xylem-dwelling Corn Pathogen Pantoea stewartii [2A]

Thomas, Brandi  |  BIOL (Stevens)  |  Analyzing the Role of nsrR in Pantoea stewartii subsp. Stewartii During in Planta Growth via Reverse Genetics [5A]

Wang, Wei  |  SPES (McDowell)  |  Exploring How Nitrogen and Sulfure Availability Influences Plant Defense Responses and Oomyctes' Nutrient Acquisition  [9A]

Yan, Haidong  |  SPES (Bombarely)  |  A Pipeline to Characterize Landscape and Fixations of TE Nearbly Alleles Selected During Plant Domestication  [2B]

Zhang, Xin  |  SPES (Wang)  | No Information Available [14A]

Zhao, Wen Hao  |  SPES (Wang)  |  No Information Available [13A]