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2021 TPS-symposium Schedule and Participants

Towards sustainable bioenergy production

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Schedule of Activities

Date: Friday, February 26, 2021      

Registration:   Click here to register by Feb 22, 2021

Abstract submission: With registration

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The TPS Symposium 2021 will be held Friday 26 Feb 2021, from 8:45 am to 6:15 pm, and will be 100% virtual. We will use the platform Socio for all sessions, except for the workshop, which will be performed through zoom. The Symposium will be open to TPS and non-TPS students and faculty, with guests from regional universities and current and prospective TPS applicants.

There will be three invited speakers (1 hour talk for each), and five student short talks (10 min talk, 2 min questions). A 1-hour facilitated workshop panel on coping with a Pandemic lifestyle and diversity and inclusion in our research, and all attendees are expected to participate with thoughts, ideas, experiences, comments.

The student talks presentations will not be live, but played as recorded videos, to minimize issues with loss/bad connectivity. The selected students will have more than 2 weeks to prepare the material and record the video of their presentation (Zoom is an excellent tool for recording videos). The questions will be live via chat.

The posters will not be in the typical 36x48” format, but since they will be presented on-screen, they will consist of 5-slide PowerPoint presentations (1 title slide + 4 data slides), which will be presented live by the students. The presentations will need to be prepared and uploaded at least 2 days before the beginning of the event. If desired, a file corresponding to a typical one slide- 36x48” poster can be uploaded, but shall not be used for presentation.

Coffee breaks and poster sessions will be held in the Wonder app to promote impromptu interactions and more real-life socialization time.

Here are the anticipated deadlines (we will send notifications if there is any change):

·       Jan 18 - Registration opens

·       Feb 1 - Deadline for abstract submission to be selected for a short talk

·       Feb 8 - Notification of selection for a short presentation

·       Feb 21 - Deadline for abstract submission for a poster

·       Feb 23 - Deadline to upload the poster file

·       Feb 24 - Deadline for upload of video of short presentation

·       Feb 26 - Symposium

We will grant access to all participants to the symposium online site a few days before the event, so that attendees can familiarize themselves with the settings and tools.


Sustainable food and bioenergy production requires efforts at all levels. As plant biologists, we are familiar with how plants respond to stresses or how to introduce new desirable traits, but we do not know much about what has to happen next to sustainably produce the final product. The Center for Advanced Bioenergy & Bioproducts (CABBI, Urbana, IL) is a new DOE-funded Bioenergy Center that integrates all steps for developing bioenergy grasses: from engineering high-oil grasses and yeasts that can use grass oil to make commercially valuable products, to scaling up for commercial use and evaluating sustainability aspects. CABBI has three main themes to help them achieve their goals: (i) feedstock development (designing and engineering grasses); (ii) conversion (yeast engineering and scaling up); and (iii) sustainability (techno-economic and life cycle analyses). CABBI uses a combination of experimental and modeling approaches in all themes in their highly translational basic and applied research and collaborates with many industry partners. As such, there has to be a lot of communication and coordination among the different themes. In a large diverse center such as CABBI, people of different scientific and ethnic backgrounds work together towards a common goal. Our invited speakers, John Shanklin, Huimin Zhao, and Jeremy Guest, who represent the three different themes, will share not only their research experiences, but also experiences with their diversity and inclusion programs.



SYMPOSIUM REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN.  Registration Deadline 11:59 pm, February 22, 2021


  • Feb. 18, 2021: Candidates for oral talks will be selected and can be viewed here.


Drs. Eva Colla'kova', Guillaume Pilot & Jim Tokuhisa


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